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Secrets and Codes

8.  S E C R E T S   A N D   C O D E S

      8.1   Getting Yuffie Kisaragi

      8.2   Getting Vincent Valentine

      8.3   The Safe in Nivelheim

      8.4   The Sleeping Man

      8.5   Piano Trick

      8.6   Key to Midgar City

      8.7   Turtle's Paradise Flyers

      8.8   All 7 Fever

      8.9   FMV Viewing Trick

      8.10  Always Run from Battles

      8.11  Raising Chocobos

      8.12  Uncharted Isles

      8.13  Game Shark Codes

8 .    S  E  C  R  E  T  S      A  N  D      C  O  D  E  S

  8 . 1      g e t t i n g   y u f f i e   k i s a r a g i

You can get Yuffie in your party during any disc.  If you're in Disc 1
and are riding around in the Buggy, that will work, too.  The two
places that she appears most often are the forests beyond the Gold
Saucer (in the Gongaga Area), and most forests in the Junon Area.
After a few battles, you'll fight Yuffie (seems to be a 1 in 15 chance,
if you ask me).

BOSS TIPS: MEI NO NINJA  <Mysterious Ninja>     LV: 37  HP: 1950  MP: 280

Just attack, really.  The Summon Materia 'Titan' works well.  Yuffie can
do all kinds of cool attacks during this time, but not once she joins
you!  Yuffie's level, HP and MP vary depending on what level your
characters are at.

When the battle ends, you'll be in a plain with Yuffie lying nearby.
There's also a Save Point here.  However, if you touch the Save Point,
then go to your menu screen to save, Yuffie escapes and steals 200 gil!
Don't worry, you can meet her again.  You'll have to talk to her several
times to get her to join.  As she and you converse, she'll ask you
several questions, and you can reply in two ways.  To get her to join,
respond like this:

  Bottom answer, Top answer, Bottom answer, Top answer, Bottom answer

Put another way, respond using the second reply, then the first reply,
then the second reply... and so on.  After that, you can name her, and
she'll hook up with Cloud and the rest of the gang.  Note that if you
choose the top answer for the last question she asks, you can name her,
but she'll steal 700 gil from you and run away.  You'll have to repeat
the whole process if you want to get her in your party.

  8 . 2      g e t t i n g   v i n c e n t   v a l e n t i n e

The second 'optional' (or hidden) character in the game, Vincent can
also join your party during any disc.  You'll need the gold key from the
safe in Nivelheim's Shinra Mansion (see below if you don't know how to
open it).  Go down to the pink cavern leading to Sephiroth's library
(it's in the Shinra Mansion, the entrance is in the stone wall in the
eastern wing).

Remember the door to the crypt you couldn't get through?  You can now
enter it.  Stand at the foot of the purple coffin and hit O.  The lid
will fly off and Vincent will talk to you.  Choose the bottom reply when
he asks you a question.  When the coffin closes, press O again.  Choose
the second (bottom) reply when Vincent poses another question, and you
can name him.  Then, try to leave the cavern and he'll join you.  Vincent
can join you from the first time you reach Nivelheim onwards (but not
during Cloud's flashback).

  8 . 3      t h e   s a f e   i n   n i v e l h e i m

What most people forget when trying to open the safe is that it's just
like a real combination you have to go in more than one
direction when inputting the numbers.  Furthermore, unless you're
fast enough, you'll run out of time if you try any other combination.
The code is:

        RIGHT TO 36, LEFT TO 10, RIGHT TO 59, RIGHT TO 97

This means that you hold right and scroll through the numbers, then
hold left until you reach 10, then hold right for the last two numbers.
Don't forget to press O to verify each entry.  When the safe opens, a
Summon Materia (Odin) pops out, and you are assaulted by a big goon
(how'd he fit into that little safe?)

BOSS TIPS: ROSUTONANBAA  <Lost Number>          LV: 35  HP: 7000  MP: 300
This boss can be taken out just by attacking and using Limit Breaks.
Magic spells (Fire, Cold, Lighting) that are at level 2 are also
okay to use.  Heal yourself and use Summon Materia (like 'Sumon Chocobo
and Moogle', and you'll win in no time.  Aside from physical attacks,
all this guy can really do is use a Lightning 2 spell on you, but it only
does 400-500 points of damage to one character, so it's nothing to
worry about.  Rarely, he does a double-fisted hammer punch to one
character that averages 2200 points of damage, though, so pack in some
Phoenix Downs before trying to tackle him.  If you blow off his red
half (the one that uses magic) his physical attacks become more
aggressive, so keep your HP Plus.  Likewise, if his purple half is
destroyed first, the Lost Number will use more mid-level spells, like
Quake 2, against your party.  It is possible to kill this boss without
either part of it dying (by stunning it using the 'Summon Chocobo and
Moogle' spell).

Not only do you get an item from the boss once you beat it (it's the
manual for Red 13's Level 4 Limit Break, the Cosmo Memory), but there's
also a gold key lying in the safe that you can grab (Chi x x no Key).
Don't forget to take the Red Materia!  Apparently, there's a paper in
the lower room in the right wing of the mansion that hints at the correct
combination for the safe, but someone like me can't read it :(  Once
you've read the paper, you can find hints throughout the house (by the
piano, next to the chair in the bedroom, etc.)  Refer to the Disc One
Walkthrough for more information.

Did the code still not work?  Remember, the safe's lock is LIKE A REAL
COMBINATION LOCK.  So, when you're turning to 36, you can either land
on it or creep up to it, but you can't hit 37 and go back.  This
applies to the rest of the digits, too; you can't go farther than the
number you want.  If you do (i.e. you go to 09 when trying to get to
10), you'll have to start all over again.

  8 . 4      t h e   s l e e p i n g   m a n

Get over 100 wins by fighting battles.  To see how many wins you have,
get in the Highwind or ride a Green, Blue, Black, or Gold Chocobo
ever so slightly south and a little ways to the east of Midgar City,
where you'll find a cave surrounded by mountains with a river nearby.
Inside the cave is a sleeping fellow who (usually) tells you how many
wins you've gotten so far.  Not only do you need to have over 100 wins,
but the last two digits have to be the same (100, 111, 255, 733, etc.)

When you have the correct number of victories, talk to the sleeping
man.  He'll toss and turn, then give you an item (Mythril).  Next,
go to the house on the penninsula near the Gold Saucer (you should
recognize it since it's full of weapons inside).  Talk to the man in
the house, and when he gives you a choice, pick the top option.
You'll lose the Mythril, but you now have the choice of opening the
long wooden chest by the bed to get a Gold Armlet, or examining the
metal lid on the upper floor at the end of the walkway to get the
manual for Aeris's Level 4 Limit Break.

It's probable that you can do this with less than 100 wins, but I'm
not certain of that.  Someone want to verify it for me?

  8 . 5      p i a n o   t r i c k

Go to Nivelheim (the town by the pointed mountains on the Western
Continent).  Enter Tifa's house (the second building on the right side)
and head upstairs to where her piano is.  Choose the bottom option,
then the bottom option again to play it (you can't use the top option
if you want the manual).  Then, press:

        X, S, T, L1+T, L1+S, X, S, T, L1+X, O, X, S, X


        D, L, U, L1+T, L1+S, D, L, U, L1+X, R, D, L, D

 * You can also use a combination of buttons and direction presses.

I'd like to stress that as far as I can determine, the result of
playing the piano is random.  Sometimes, nothing happens, other times,
you'll find 1 gil, and other times, you'll find Tifa's Level 4 Limit
Break Manual (keep reading).  I'd also like to state that I've gotten
her manual _without_ having Tifa in my party.  I'm not sure how I did
it, but I have a save file that proves it (see? see!)  I thought I did
it by playing the melody once, exiting out, playing it again, exiting
out again, and then getting back on the piano and pressing L1+T.

But, the way that you're _supposed_ to do it is to stick Tifa in your
party, go to the piano, play it once using the 'button only' method,
and she'll eventually find a letter from her master, Zangan (the caped
guy you saw during the first Nivelheim flashback).  Tifa will get the
Final Heaven Limit Break Manual after reading his letter.

  8 . 6      k e y   t o   m i d g a r   c i t y   ( s e c t o r   5
             k e y )

<Disc 2 or 3>  First talk to the man standing by the doors back at
Midgar City.  He won't appear until after you've gotten the Highwind
and rescued Cloud from Mideel Village.  Talk to him, then return to the
excavator's village on the Northern Continent.  Chat with the man by the
door and pick the first option, then the second or third option.  While
you could place diggers and hunt for the Key yourself, if you want to
cheat, go over to the destroyed plane atop the dinosaur's skull.  See
the one excavtor near the bottom of the screen?  Near him is a tiny
piece of metal sticking outwards; position yourself underneath it and
press up so that your character is looking forward, then dig.

You can use the Key to enter the locked gates near Area 7 and look
around Midgar City.  If you go into the church where you met Aeris,
you can see her bending over the flowers; she'll flicker and disappear
after a second.  There's not a lot to do here, but if you go back to
the Wall Market and go to the 'ITEM' building with the machine gun
inside it, you can get Tifa's Ultimate Weapon by examining the computer
before the gun fires upon you (you don't need Tifa to get the item).
Also, remember the man in the gun shop that you bought the Battery
from to reach the Shinra Building back in Disc 1?  The man in the left
side of the shop will sell you an accessory (Sneak Glove) for
129,000 gil this time around.

  8 . 7      t u r t l e s '   p a r a d i s e   f l y e r s

There are six of these flyers scattered throughout the world.  You can
find them in the following locations:

Flyer No. 1:  Midgar City...the town next to Aeris' house.  Go to
              the second floor of the southeastern building and look
              at the papers taped to the wall by the stairwell.

Flyer No. 2:  Shinra HQ...on the first floor, check out the board with
              the papers on it near the elevators.  The only time you
              can read this flyer is at the beginning of the game or
              when you raid Midgar in Disc 2.

Flyer No. 3:  Gold Saucer...go to the Ghost Square and enter the hotel.
              Read the sign that says 'SHOP' next to the shop entrance.

Flyer No. 4:  Cosmo Canyon...check the left wood post of the Tigerlily
              Arms Shop.

Flyer No. 5:  Cosmo Canyon...the gold paper by the door on the second
              floor of the inn (the entrance is behind some hanging
              cloth near the bonfire).

Flyer No. 6:  Utai...the bottom floor of Yuffie's house; it's the wall
              scroll to the right of the doorway.  You can't get there
              unless you've done the sub-quest (refer to the 'Bonus
              Areas' section).

You don't have to find the flyers (they look like pieces of paper) in
order.  Whenever you have read all six of them, go to the restaurant
in Wutai (the large building in the southwestern corner of town).  Talk
to the barkeep and you'll get a Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source,
Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source, and a Mega Elixir.

 8 . 8      a l l   7   f e v e r

As easy as this trick sounds, it's harder to perform than you might
think.  One of your characters has to have a current HP of 7777 (or a
maximum and a current HP of 7777...I'm not sure yet).  This can be done
by getting injured, equipping materia, or raising levels.  When that
particular character enters a battle, the message 'Ooru 7 Fiibaa' (All 7
Fever) will appear.  It will show up every time the 'fevered' character
attacks, too.

During this time, the person affected by the 'All 7 Fever' will make one
_normal_ attack against each enemy when their Time Bar is filled, even if
you have materia such as Slice Everybody or Mega All
equipped.  However, assuming they don't miss, that person will always
strike for 7777 damage, even if an enemy has special defenses.
Furthermore, that person behaves as if he/she was berzerked (i.e. you
can't select commands for them since they will do nothing but attack),
and can take no other action (even if you're wearing a Counter Attack
materia).  They can still lose HP or be affected by enemy abilties/magic/

There are two major drawbacks to this trick; your current HP drops to 1
point after the battle (it can be healed by normal means), and you can't
repeat the trick unless you have 7777 HP exactly.  Since I think your
maximum HP has to be 7777 too, this means that you can't repeat that
trick once you raise a level, since you will gain HP and it will affect
the amount of HP a materia is adding/taking away from your 'real' total.
This means that the only way to permanently keep this trick is to get
really good at using materia orbs to customize your character's life,
or by killing that character before the end of the battle so that they
don't gain experience ^_^;

  8 . 9      f m v   v i e w i n g   t r i c k

All you FF7 owners out there should try this!  Go to any point in the
game with an FMV sequence (such as starting a new game--the part where
Cloud runs up to the Makoro furnace).  Open your PSX and put in another
disc.  When you continue playing (the game won't crash) the FMV sequence
will be replaced with one from the disc!  (Using the last example, put
in Disc 3 and you'll see the sequence with the stone pillars rising from
the center of the last level; it's the same bit you see after killing
Jenova Synthesis before fighting Sephiroth for the last time.)

What's really weird is that you can keep playing the game with another
disc in your system!  I beat the whole first part of the game and the CD
would load up the various levels!  I don't know for sure, but I guess
that means that the ENTIRE game is written on each disc (barring the FMV,
obviously)!  If you want to verify this, try starting up a save file from
disc 3 and replace it with, say, the first disc.  You can do the
submarine/snowboard sequences, or go to any place you couldn't go to in
the first disc--and all the data loads up!

Going back to the trick, though, you can try this anywhere, and you
usually get cool results.  For instance, near the end of Disc 2, the
Weapon monster rises up from the sea and attacks Midgar City--and gets
decapitated by the Mako Cannon.  I switched to the first disc before
viewing the FMV and saw parts of the intro, and some parts from the
FMV during/after Aeris's death!  If you're fast, try switching the
discs during the opening FMV when you start a new game; with Disc 2
inserted, it showed some more FMV of Aeris (this is when you return
with Buugen Haagen to the Ancient City).

Even stranger is the fact that you can still see text/graphics over the
FMV in some cases, such as Cloud and the Avalanche member running
offscreen just after the furnace explodes near the start of the first
disc, or Cid talking to Cloud on his phone during the part where the
Weapon attacks Midgar City (of course, this is over the FMV from the
disc you've chosen).  And as I mentioned before, you can play normally
after the FMV is over, even with the other disc in your PSX!

In earlier versions of this FAQ, I said that there was 'hidden' FMV of
a silver car rotating around.  Several people e-mailed me and informed
me that you can normally view this in the Shinra HQ during Disc One.
What's interesting, though, is that when I saw this FMV by using the
trick above, I had switched Disc One with Disc Three (at the FMV with
the bridge collapsing in Cloud's flashback).  This means that it's on
at least two of the three discs.  Why it's there is another story.
Also, the scene with the planets in Buugen Haagen's observatory (which
is only in Disc 1) will also be partially displayed if you switch it
with Disc 2 or 3.

  8 . 1 0    a l w a y s   r u n   f r o m   b a t t l e s

Interestingly enough, you will instantly flee a battle if at least one
character is petrified, stopped, or paralyzed while in the 'running'
pose.  So as long as you are not fighting a boss or have been ambushed
(see the Running section for more detail), you can always escape simply
by letting the enemy do one of the above attacks to you, or by doing it
to yourself (via Spell Materia)!  This is also useful if all your members
are paralyzed, stopped, or whatever, and your last character is about to
suffer a similar fate.  Simply try to run away (even if you can't), and
you'll escape the moment you are hit by the attack.  The only exception
to this trick is that if you are petrified and your other teammates are
dead or petrified, then you will always lose.  This doesn't work on boss
battles, by the way.

  8 . 1 1    r a i s i n g   c h o c o b o s

This section is based upon a summarized guide written by Nikki.  Some
information is also taken from a more detailed guide written by Crow.
Their addresses can be found in the Special Thanks section near the end
of the FF7 FAQ.

You're going to need a lot of money, patience, and luck if you want to
raise chocobos.  The payoff is that you can breed chocobos that can fly,
swim, climb over mountains and go to places normal vehicles can't reach.

a)  Go to the Chocobo Farm once you've accquired the Highwind.  Enter
    the house (not the barn) and talk to the person there.  Choose
    the first option, then choose the top choice.  Doing this will let
    you purchase one of the stalls in the barn.  You'll need to purchase
    all six, but they cost 10000 gil a pop.  If you want, you can do
    the process with only four stalls, but you'll have to kick out the
    chocobos you don't need to make room for the newer ones.

b)  Leave and get on the airship.  Fly to the northern continent and
    land near the lone house surrounded by grass (it's exactly to the
    northwest of the farm).  Equip one character with a Steal (yellow)
    materia and keep walking around on the grass until you fight a
    large red reptile (Brachosaur?)  Try to steal from him until you
    get a Carob Nut (you'll get a message with an exclamation mark
    if you stole something).  Run away or beat him, then repeat the
    process three times so that you have three Carob Nuts.  You can
    also get this item from the same enemy if you go to the tip of the
    penninsula near the excavator's village on the Northern Continent
    where the dark grass is.

c)  Now, go to the chocobo tracks near the Gold Saucer (by the shore).
    Equip someone with a Chocobo Attract materia and walk along the
    tracks until you enter a battle with a Chocobo.  Don't kill the
    chocobo, but do kill the other enemies.  When the battle is over,
    press X to dismount and select the top option to make the chocobo
    return to the farm.

d)  Go to the tracks on the Southern Continent, near the forest where
    you found Cloud in Disc 2.  Unlike the walking kind, you can get
    running chocobos here.  Just repeat step (c) to catch one.  Wait
    a second--save your game.  If you didn't get the right type of
    chocobo (more about this in part e), you can reset the game and
    try again: the chocobo's gender is determined randomly each time,
    so you can end up with the correct gender if you keep resetting
    and naming the Chocobo until you get the one you want.

e)  Return to the chocobo farm.  Talk to the guy standing still in the
    barn and choose the 3rd option, then the first choice twice.  Name
    your chocobo, then repeat with the other bird.  This will also place
    your chocobos in the stables.  You can tell by their stance (walking
    or running) if they are the right type.  To tell your chocobo's
    gender and race ranking (more on this later), go up to them in the
    barn and press O.

    You'll want to make sure that the running chocobo is female and
    the walking chocobo is male.  If you have a chocobo walking with
    his head down, put it in a stall, then talk to the man again and
    choose the 6th option from the top.  Pick that chocobo and choose
    the top option twice, then the bottom option once to let that bird
    go so you can get another one.  If the sex of the chocobo is wrong,
    just use the trick in the above section to change it.

f)  Do you have the correct type and gender?  Talk to the man in the
    barn again and choose the fifth option from the top.  Choose one
    of the chocobos by walking up to it and pressing O.  Pick the top
    option, then repeat with the other chocobo.  When you get another
    choice, pick the top option.  A list will appear.  Remember the
    items you stole from that reptile in the north?  It will appear
    as the item 7th from the top (there should be a 3 next to it
    since you stole 3 items).  Choose and and choose the top choice.

g)  Hopefully you got a green Chocobo!  If you got a blue one or a
    yellow one, reset and try to mate the two chocobos again (repeat
    step f).  You'll want a blue chocobo, but if you get one right
    now, it's harder to breed a green one -NSS-.  Keep note of your
    chocobo's gender--it's important.

h)  At this point, you can't mate the yellow chocobos again or the
    green chocobo.  If you don't want to wait, repeat steps (c)
    through (f) and try to breed a Blue Chocobo who is the opposite
    gender of your Green Chocobo.  If you have time on your hands,
    though, waste it and come back later.  You can re-breed your
    two yellow chocobos and try to get a Blue Chocobo.  Either way,
    it will take _a lot_ of tries, but you save the trouble of
    capturing and renaming chocobos if you waste some time and just
    re-breed your two yellow birds.  Remember the item that you
    used (Carob Nut), will now have a '2' next to it since you
    already used one.  Don't worry, it will still stay in the same
    place on the menu.

i)  Okay!  Now, you should have a Blue chocobo and a Green chocobo of
    opposite genders.  If you caught another pair of yellow chocobos,
    you won't have any more stall space and you'll have to let the
    two yellow ones go.  If you simply breeded them again, you'll
    still have two stalls left open.  Since the Blue chocobo is a
    newborn, you'll need to waste some more time before you can breed
    it to the Green one.  Hop in the Highwind and fly back to the
    house on the grassy patch in the Northern Continent.  Talk to the
    purple geezer and choose the first option.  He will offer to sell
    ou items; buy 40 of the ones that cost 5000 gil (Shirukisu

    Return to the Chocobo Farm and give ten of them to your blue
    chocobo and 10 to your green chocobo.  You can do this by picking
    the fourth option when you talk to the man, then picking the
    Sylkis Greens (it's the next to last one).  Pick the chocobo
    you want to feed it to and press up or down on your controller to
    increase the number.  Then press O twice to feed the chocobo.

j)  Go to the Gold Saucer (you can get there from the sky lift in
    North Corel).  Go to the Chocobo Square, enter the main
    building, and talk to the girl in front of the 'STAFF ROOM'
    door.  Choose the first option and pick either your green
    chocobo or your blue chocobo to race.  Then pick the top choice
    two times and press Start at the next screen to start the race.

    The point of racing is to improve your chocobo's race ranking.
    Remember what happened when you checked your chocobo's stats?
    Underneath the gender was the race ranking.  You need to improve
    it from a C to an A-class ranking, and you can do so by racing.
    It doesn't matter if you lose; just keep racing until you gain
    new classes.  Refer to the chocobo-racing tips in section 3o if
    you need help, although it's easy to win the races using
    Automatic Sequence Mode.  Every time you win a race, pick the
    top option to get an item, the bottom option twice to get an
    item, or the bottom option, then the top option to get some GP.
    Remember, to raise a class level, you have to come in first place
    (and even then you may need to get a high score such as 1-2 or
    1-2 a few times before you'll gain a level).  When you do raise
    a race ranking, the girl will tell you.  You can see your
    chocobo's class every time you race it (at the screen before the
    race starts).  Obviously, it will take quite a few races before
    you can hit class 'A' (it took me around 3 races to raise to
    the next class each time).

k)  Fun, wasn't it?  Get back in the Highwind and return to the
    Chocobo Farm.  Refer to step (f) and breed the blue and green
    chocobos together.  With a little luck, you'll find a black
    chocobo in one of the empty stalls the following day.  Yes,
    you may have used up your last piece of Karabu, but you won't
    need it anymore.  Once again, take note of your black chocobo's

l)  There's an elongated island with a forest on it northeast of the
    Chocobo Farm.  Go into the forest and wander around until you
    run into a tiny monster wearing boxing gloves (Goblin).  You can
    steal a Zeio Nut off of it--you only need one.  After you
    get it, fly to the chocobo tracks on the west edge of the Northern
    Continent and capture one; you can get the dashing kind here.
    Then go back to the farm, name your yellow Chocobo, and put it in
    the stalls.  If it isn't the opposite gender of your black chocobo,
    reset and try the naming process again.  Refer to step (e) if you
    forgot how to do this.

m)  You should have 20 Sylkis Greenss left, so feed 10 of them to
    the dashing yellow chocobo and 10 to your black chocobo (just like
    how you did it in step i).  Now for the real fun part--you have to
    get an A-rank class for both the yellow and black chocobos!  So,
    just repeat what you did back in step (j).  It will take a while,
    but when they're both at race ranking A, leave the Gold Saucer and
    return to the Chococbo Farm.

n)  Now, breed your yellow and black chocobo together.  This time,
    use the Zeio Nut (it's at the very bottom of the list).
    Once again, refer to step (f) if you have trouble navigating
    the menus.  It may have to retry a few times, but you'll end up
    with the gold chocobo eventually.  Now you can go anywhere on
    the World Map!

YELLOW CHOCOBOS can go anywhere you can normally get to on foot.  The
sole advantage is that a chocobo is a lot quicker than walking.

BLUE CHOCOBOS can walk along rivers, but they can't go past waterfalls.
They can also walk in shallow water, just like Cid's airplane could.

GREEN CHOCOBOS can run over mountains, even the pointed mountains by
Nivelheim.  They can also dash over _most_ cliffs and drops.

BLACK CHOCOBOS can walk along rivers and move around in shallow water.
They can also run over mountains and cliffs.  Unlike the blue or green
chocobos, the black variety can go over any cliff or drop: even
walk up or down waterfalls, enter the canyon surrounding the Ancient
City, or walk _over_ the ice forest that you have to traverse in Disc
2 after the snowboard scene!

GOLD CHOCOBOS can do everything a black chocobo can--they can also
walk in the ocean, allowing you to go anywhere you want, even into
the dirt pit surrounding the Gold Saucer (just like the Saucer
vehicle).  Truly the ultimate in transportation!

In case you didn't know about it, you can rotate the chocobo you're
viewing when using the various options in the Chocobo Farm by holding
the R1 or L1 buttons :)

Unlike chocobos that you capture and ride around on, the ones that you
ride out from the Chocobo Farm are a little tamer.  They'll stay where
you get off them until you ride them again, and you can do this as much
as you want and return them to the Farm whenever you want (although you
can only have one chocobo out at a time).  If you're riding a chocobo
and you try to enter the Highwind, you'll find it in the 'Chocobo' area
of the the ship.  You'll automatically be riding the chocobo when you
land the ship, too.

  8 . 1 2    u n c h a r t e d   i s l e s

Head due south from Cosmo Canyon in the Highwind, then go a little to
the west.  You'll see an island that's part dirt, part grass, with
a smaller grassy island nearby.  This isle doesn't appear on the Map,
but if you land the Highwind on the grassy plain and run around in
the dirt long enough, you can fight Sabotenders (better known as
Cactrots; those little cactus guys from FF3)!  You can't get Rename
Cards from them or anything like that, but it's kinda fun fighting
them.  Actually, the name of this island is 'Cactus Island' so it
makes sense to find them here.

To get to the second isle, head for the two islands near to each other
on the northeastern edge of the map.  Then go north (and a little more
to the east), and you'll come across an oval-shaped island surrounded
by mountains.  There's a cave entrance here, but you can't land there
in the Highwind.  For more about the island, refer to the Bonus Areas
part in section 6.  The name of this place is 'Round Island'.

  8 . 1 3    g a m e   s h a r k   c o d e s

I'm not much of a code-maker myself, but here are some cheats you might
want to try.  Remember, you need a Game Shark or a Pro Action Replay for
these to work.  Some people have reported problems with these codes
(such as, these codes don't work with a PAR).  FYI, I made these codes
using a Game Shark with PAR software (version 1.98), so I really don't
know why it wouldn't work on both devices.

All of the codes in this FAQ were made by me, unless otherwise stated.
If you want to reprint, submit, or display these codes, please give
credit where it is due.  If you want to submit a code, just tell me
the code itself, what it does, and include any glitches/problems with
the code.  Oh, and please tell me the code's creator if you didn't make
it yourself.

Finally, the reason why I've made these codes is because I didn't see
anything like them beforehand.  So don't BS me about making the 'Materia
Select' code first or any of that garbage, as I'm not interested.

FF7 MASTER CODE                                         80000000 - 0000
This is the cheat that lets you use other codes with this game.  I don't
know if it (and the other codes listed here) will work on every disc,
but if a code doesn't, then I'll let you know.

CHARACTER SELECT - 3RD POSITION                         8009CBDE - FF0x
Enter this code, but replace the last digit with one of the following:

        x = 0  -  Cloud Strife
            1  -  Barett Wallace
            2  -  Tifa Rockheart
            3  -  Aerith Gainsborough
            4  -  Red 13
            5  -  Yuffie Kisaragi
            6  -  Cait Sith         (sometimes, Young Cloud)
            7  -  Vincent Valentine (sometimes, Sephiroth)
            8  -  Cid Hiwind
            9  -  <Young Cloud>
            A  -  <Sephiroth>
            B  -  <Chocobo>
            C  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)
            D  -  <'Nau Purintingu'>  (Now Printing)

When you turn on the code, the character in the 3rd position will turn
into whatever character you specified.  You may want to go into the
PHS menu, turn off the code, and put the character in/out of the PHS
groups a few times to 'debug' it a bit.  When you return to the Main
Menu screen, that person will have the portrait/stats. of the desired

It is HIGHLY recommended that you have the 3rd space EMPTY when you
use this code as in some cases, a pre-existing character may overlap
with the selected one.  The result is that, when you enter a battle,
that character does not appear, cannot interact, and his/her HP drops
steadily until it hits zero.

Using this code:

Characters all start off at their 'base' level (1).  If you use this
code to get a character that you don't have at the moment (say picking
Aeris while in Disc 2 or 3), they'll have the same stats and abilities
as they did when you last had them in your party.  If you level them
up, change their equipment, etc., then save the game and use the code
to replace them with another character and put them back in, any changes
you made will be saved, too.  Note that if you use this code to get a
character you already have (say, if Cid is in the 3rd position and you
put in the code for Cid), you'll get multiple copies of the character.
This also happens if you have the code on while you try to pull a
character in/out of the active group.  Copied characters disappear when
you exit the PHS menu.

Yes, if you save the game, you save the added characters.  The only way
to remove them is to use the code to 'select' a new character, or to
put them in PHS (inactive party) and then return to your Main Menu.
Also note that sticking a 'selected' character in the first position
will make Cloud disappear on-screen (you can still use the cursor).

Finally, note that if you enter a conversation/event with a character
you're not supposed to have (say, Sephiroth outside of the flashback
or Aeris after Disc 1), the game may (and probably will) crash.  The
only exception to this are the 'general' quotes which a character will
say automatically, regardless of who he/she is.

Specific Character info.:

Both Cloud and Aeris become 'permanent' members of either your active
party or the inactive party.  To remove them, you'll have to stick
them in the third position (use Order), and put in a code for one of
your normal characters.

Sephiroth is still controlled by the computer, although you can take or
change his equipment and Materia.  As he only has one weapon (Masamune),
using the 'Item Select' code to have this item is useless as it's the
only weapon he can equip.  Although it will act as if he and Young Cloud
have Limit Breaks, they don't in actuality (if you look, you'll see
that it's Vincent's and Cait's Breaks instead).

This code has trouble realizing who is Cait Sith/Young Cloud and who
is Vincent/Sephiroth, because of the way the characters' data is
stored.  As a result, you may not always get the character you want
when trying to get either of these characters.

The 'Chocobo' and 'Now Printing' are not real characters.  They have
no weapons, statistics, etc. (if you look, you'll see that they
borrow the stats. of another character, usually your leader).  If you
try to enter a battle with one of them in your party, you get the
'overlap' result described above (as they are not playable).

ITEM SELECT                                               8009CCxx - yzzz
Please take note:  As long as you follow the below guidelines (remember
to be careful when putting in the two 'location' digits), this code
should work.  Several people have been complaining that they can't get
the code to work--even the people with the same GS and version number
aS-mine (1.98).  If you've _carefully_ tried this code and can't get any
results, then you may simply not be able to use the code on your game.
I have NO IDEA what causes this and I'm sorry I can't offer more help to
those with problems concerning this code or the Materia Select code
(they both work in the same manner).

And yes, saving your game with this code _will_ save the items into
memory--you'll still have to be careful that you don't end up with the
'battle' glitch' described below (although it seems as if it's not in
the English version).

An example code would be 8009CCA8 - 202A for the Ghost Hand item, for
those of you who don't understand how the x/y/z entries work.

xx = Location where item appears on the Item Select Screen.  You can
     change this number to enter the code multiple times to have
     multiple items of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers
     (i.e. C2, 9A, or 88) or the game may glitch.  Also, if this code
     would put an item over an occupied space and not a blank one, the
     game may freeze or the item may not appear.  Finally, try to keep
     the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

  y = No. of items; you'll have an infinite amount unless you turn
      the switch off (usually).  The number you enter is converted
      to hexidecimal form (so what you put in won't correlate with
      the # of items you get).  Keep in mind that 0 is a valid
      number and can be used.

zzz = Item name:

000 = Potion                            0A0 = Gatling Gun
001 = Hi-Potion                         0A1 = Assault Gun
002 = X-Potion                          0A2 = Cannon Ball
003 = Ether                             0A3 = Atomic Scissorss
004 = Turbo Ether                       0A4 = Heavy Vulcan
005 = Elixir                            0A5 = Chainsaw
006 = Megaelixir                        0A6 = Microlaser
007 = Phoenix Down                      0A7 = A*M Cannon
008 = Antidote                          0A8 = W Machine Gun
009 = Soft                              0A9 = Drill Arm
00A = Maiden's Kiss                     0AA = Solid Bazooka
00B = Cornucopia                        0AB = Rocket Punch
00C = Echo Screen                       0AC = Enemy Launcher
00D = Hyper                             0AD = Pile Banger
00E = Tranquilizer                      0AE = Max Ray
00F = Remedy                            0AF = Missing Score
010 = Smoke Bomb                        0B0 = Mythril Clip
011 = Speed Drink                       0B1 = Diamond Pin
012 = Hero Drink                        0B2 = Silver Barrette
013 = Vaccine                           0B3 = Gold Barrette
014 = Grenade                           0B4 = Adaman Clip
015 = Shrapnel                          0B5 = Crystal Comb
016 = Right arm                         0B6 = Magic Comb
017 = Hourglass                         0B7 = Plus Barrette
018 = Kiss of Death                     0B8 = Centclip
019 = Spider Web                        0B9 = Hairpin
01A = Dream Powder                      0BA = Seraph Comb
01B = Mute Mask                         0BB = Behimoth Horn
01C = War Gong                          0BC = Spring Gun Clip
01D = Loco weed                         0BD = Limited Moon
01E = Fire Fang                         0BE = Guard Stick
01F = Fire Veil                         0BF = Mythril Rod
020 = Antarctic Wind                    0C0 = Full Metal Staff
021 = Ice Crystal                       0C1 = Striking Staff
022 = Bolt Plume                        0C2 = Prism Staff
023 = Swift Bolt                        0C3 = Aurora Rod
024 = Earth Drum                        0C4 = Wizard Staff
025 = Earth Mallet                      0C5 = Wizer Staff
026 = Deadly Waste                      0C6 = Fairy Tale
027 = M-Tentacles                       0C7 = Umbrella
028 = Stardust                          0C8 = Princess Guard
029 = Vampire Fang                      0C9 = Spear
02A = Ghost Hand                        0CA = Slash Lance
02B = Vagyrisk Claw                     0CB = Trident
02C = Light Curtain                     0CC = Mast Axe
02D = Lunar Curtain                     0CD = Partisan
02E = Mirror                            0CE = Viper Halberd
02F = Holy Torch                        0CF = Javelin
030 = Bird Wing                         0D0 = Grow Lance
031 = Dragon Scales                     0D1 = Mop
032 = Impaler                           0D2 = Dragoon Lance
033 = Shrivel                           0D3 = Scimitar
034 = Eye drop                          0D4 = Flayer
035 = Molotov                           0D5 = Spirit Lance
036 = S-mine                            0D6 = Venus Gospel
037 = 8inch Cannon                      0D7 = 4-point Shuriken
038 = Graviball                         0D8 = Boomerang
039 = T/S Bomb                          0D9 = Pinwheel
03A = Ink                               0DA = Razor Ring
03B = Dazers                            0DB = Hawkeye
03C = Dragon Fang                       0DC = Crystal Cross
03D = Cauldron                          0DD = Wind Slash
03E = Sylkis Greens                     0DE = Twin Viper
03F = Reagan Greens                     0DF = Spiral Shuriken
040 = Mimett Greens                     0E0 = Shotgunball
041 = Curiel Greens                     0E1 = Magic Shuriken
042 = Pahsana Greens                    0E2 = Rising Sun
043 = Tantal Greens                     0E3 = Oritsuru
044 = Krakka Greens                     0E4 = Conformer
045 = Gysahl Greens                     0E5 = Yellow M-phone
046 = Tent                              0E6 = Green M-phone
047 = Power Source                      0E7 = Blue M-phone
048 = Guard Source                      0E8 = Red M-phone
049 = Magic Source                      0E9 = Crystal M-phone
04A = Mind Source                       0EA = White M-phone
04B = Speed Source                      0EB = Black M-phone
04C = Luck Source                       0EC = Silver M-phone
04D = Zeio Nut                          0ED = Trumpet Shell
04E = Carob Nut                         0EE = Gold M-phone
04F = Porov Nut                         0EF = Battle Trumpet
050 = Pram Nut                          0F0 = Starlight Phone
051 = Lasan Nut                         0F1 = HP Shout
052 = Saraha Nut                        0F2 = Quicksilver
053 = Luchile Nut                       0F3 = Shotgun
054 = Pepio Nut                         0F4 = Shortbarrel
055 = Battery                           0F5 = Lariat
056 = Tissue                            0F6 = Winchester
057 = Omnislash                         0F7 = Peacemaker
058 = Catastrophe                       0F8 = Buntline
059 = Final Heaven                      0F9 = Long Barrel R
05A = Great Gospel                      0FA = Silver Rifle
05B = Cosmo Memory                      0FB = Sniper CR
05C = All Creation                      0FC = Shotgunshot ST
05D = Chaos                             0FD = Outsider
05E = Highwind                          0FE = Death Penalty
05F = 1/35 Soldier                      0FF = Masamune
060 = Super Sweeper                     100 = Bronze Bangle
061 = Masamune Blade                    101 = Iron Bangle
062 = Save Crystal                      102 = Titan Bangle
063 = Combat Diary                      103 = Mythril Armlet
064 = Autograph                         104 = Carbon Bangle
065 = Gambler                           105 = Silver Armlet
066 = Desert Rose  <new>                106 = Gold Armlet
067 = Earth Harp   <new>                107 = Diamond Bangle
068 = Guide Book   <new>                108 = Crystal Bangle
069 = <blank>                           109 = Platinum Bangle
06A = <blank>                           10A = Rune Armlet
06B = <blank>                           10B = Edincoat
06C = <blank>                           10C = Wizard Braceletlet
06D = <blank>                           10D = Adaman Bangle
06E = <blank>                           10E = Gigas Armlet
06F = <blank>                           10F = Imperial Guard
070 = <blank>                           110 = Aegis Armlet
071 = <blank>                           111 = Fourth Bracelet
072 = <blank>                           112 = Warrior Bangle
073 = <blank>                           113 = Shinra Beta
074 = <blank>                           114 = Shinra Alpha
075 = <blank>                           115 = Four Slotss
076 = <blank>                           116 = Fire Armlet
077 = <blank>                           117 = Aurora Armlet
078 = <blank>                           118 = Bolt Armlet
079 = <blank>                           119 = Dragon Armlet
07A = <blank>                           11A = Minerva Band
07B = <blank>                           11B = Escort Guard
07C = <blank>                           11C = Mystile
07D = <blank>                           11D = Ziedrich
07E = <blank>                           11E = Precious Watch
07F = <blank>                           11F = Chocobracelet
080 = Buster Sword                      120 = Power Wrist
081 = Mythril Saber                     121 = Protect Vest
082 = Hardedge                          122 = Earring
083 = Butterfly Edge                    123 = Talisman
084 = Enhance Sword                     124 = Choco Feather
085 = Organics                          125 = Amulet
086 = Crystal Sword                     126 = Champion Belt
087 = Force Stealer                     127 = Poison Ring
088 = Rune Blade                        128 = Touph Ring
089 = Murasame                          129 = Circlet
08A = Nail Bat                          12A = Star Pendant
08B = Yoshiyuki                         12B = Silver Glasses
08C = Apocalypse                        12C = Headband
08D = Heaven's Cloud                    12D = Fairy Ring
08E = Ragnarok                          12E = Jem Ring
08F = Ultima Weapon                     12F = White Cape
090 = Leather Glove                     130 = Sprint Shoes
091 = Metal Knuckle                     131 = Peace Ring
092 = Mythril Claw                      132 = Ribbon
093 = Grand Glove                       133 = Fire Ring
094 = Tiger Fang                        134 = Ice Ring
095 = Diamond Knuckle                   135 = Bolt Ring
096 = Dragon Claw                       136 = Tetra Elemental
097 = Crystal Glove                     137 = Safety Bit
098 = Motor Drive                       138 = Fury Ring
099 = Platinum Fist                     139 = Curse Ring
09A = Kaiser Knuckle                    13A = Protect Ring
09B = Work Glove                        13B = Cat's Bell
09C = Powersoul                         13C = Reflect Ring
09D = Master Fist                       13D = Water Ring
09E = God's Hand                        13E = Sneak Glove
09F = Premium Heart                     13F = HypnoCrown

 -   Codes ending in 069 - 07F give you these items.  As of right now,
     I don't know what their purpose is (they may be disabled Key
     Items, I think).
 -   Codes ending in 080 - 08F are swords for Cloud.
 -   Codes ending in 090 - 09F are claws for Tifa.
 -   Codes ending in 0A0 - 0AF are cannons for Barret.
 -   Codes ending in 0B0 - 0BD are combs for Red XIII.
 -   Codes ending in 0BE - 0C8 are rods for Aeris.
 -   Codes ending in 0C9 - 0D6 are spears for Cid.
 -   Codes ending in 0D7 - 0E4 are shurikens for Yuffie.
 -   Codes ending in 0E5 - 0F1 are M-phones for Cait Sith.
 -   Codes ending in 0F2 - 0FE are handguns for Vincent.
     The code ending in 0FF looks like a gun, but it is in
     fact Sephiroth's Masamune blade.
 -   Codes ending in 100 - 11F are defensive bracelets.
 -   Codes ending in 120 - 13F are accessories you equip.
 -   Codes ending in 140 - FFF are 'glitch' items that don't exist
     and have no purpose/effect on the game.

If you have this code activated and you go into a battle, you may get
a strange effect that prevents you from fighting the battle.  As the
battle begins, these messages will appear, one after the other:

                xxx: ### / Error Occurred: ##
                L1+R1+SELECT x Reset xxx
                System Error x xx xxxx

Should you press L1+R1+Select at any time, you're instantly taken out of
the battle.  While you don't gain AP, gil, or experience points or items,
you don't lose anything, either.  Not only can this be used to bypass
normal battles, but it can be used during boss battles and the game will
continue as if you had fought and beaten the boss!

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think this is probably some
sort of error checker/debugger that was used by the game's programmers
to test battle sequences, probably to fix up any flaws in the 'Active
Time Battle' system.  This seems possible because the number seem to
indicate your party's Agility compared to the enemies (I think).  And
assuming my translations are correct (assuming, mind you :)) it would
make some sense.

Keep in mind that this may still happen even with the code off.  So,
it's a good idea not to have this code on when you go into a battle.
The best procedure would probably be to put in the codes for the items
you want, then save your game and load it without using this code.
Then, make sure that you don't have any spare items left in your menu
(use them, sell them, or try 're-equipping' them to reduce the amount
that you have--if you re-equip them you'll still keep one, but the
others will vanish).  Of course, if you don't want to fight any battles,
then leave the code activated :)

MATERIA SELECT                                            8009D0xx - 00yy
Well well!  Here's an interesting code.  It works very much like the
Item Select code above, except that you have to go into the Materia
Screen.  As long as the switch is up, you have an infinite number of
whatever Materia you've selected.  The only bad thing about this code
is that it will sometimes start off the Materia orbs with 'beyond master'
levels, meaning that you can use all their abilities, but you can't get
another one by mastering it.

xx = Location where the materia appears on the Materia Menu.  You can
     change this number to enter the code multiple times to have
     multiple materia of your choice, but you _must_ use EVEN numbers
     (i.e. A0, C4, or 86) or the game may glitch.  Also, if this code
     would put a materia over an occupied space and not a blank one, the
     game may freeze or the materia may not appear.  Finally, try to
     keep the location range between 8_ and C_ or the game may crash.

yy = Name of Materia:

00 = MP Plus                            2E = (glitch)
01 = HP Plus                            2F = (glitch)
02 = Speed Plus                         30 = Master Command
03 = Magic Plus                         31 = Fire
04 = Luck Plus                          32 = Ice
05 = EXP. Plus                          33 = Earth
06 = Gil Plus                           34 = Lightning
07 = Enemy Away                         35 = Restore
08 = Enemy Plus                         36 = Heal
09 = Chocobo Plus                       37 = Revive
0A = Pre-emptive                        38 = Seal
0B = Long Range                         39 = Mystify
0C = Mega All                           3A = Transform
0D = Counter Attack                     3B = Exit
0E = Slash-All                          3C = Poison
0F = Double Cut                         3D = Demi
10 = Cover                              3E = Barrier
11 = Underwater <now a real materia>    3F = <no name, actually Mabarrier>
12 = HP <-> MP                          40 = Comet
13 = W-Magic                            41 = Time
14 = W-Summon                           42 = <no name, actually Reflect>
15 = W-Item                             43 = <no name, actually Rifuabu>
16 = <no name, actually Booster>        44 = Destruct
17 = All                                45 = Contain
18 = Counter                            46 = Full Cure
19 = Magic Counter                      47 = Shield
1A = MP Turbo                           48 = Ultima
1B = MP Absorb                          49 = Master Magic
1C = HP Absorb                          4A = Choco/Mog
1D = Elemental                          4B = Shiva
1E = Added Effect                       4C = Ifrit
1F = Sneak Attack                       4D = Titan
20 = Final Attack                       4E = Ramuh
21 = Added Cut                          4F = Odin
22 = Steal as well                      50 = Leviathan
23 = Quadra Magic                       51 = Bahamut
24 = Steal                              52 = Kjata
25 = Sense                              53 = Alexander
26 = <no name, actually Law>            54 = Phoenix
27 = Throw                              55 = Neo Bahamut
28 = Morph                              56 = Hades
29 = Deathblow                          57 = Typoon
2A = Manipulate                         58 = Bahamut ZERO
2B = Mime                               59 = Knights of Round
2C = Enemy Skill **                     5A = Master Summon
2D = (glitch)                           89 = (glitch)

*   Codes ending in 16, 26, 3F, 42 and 43 are 'disabled' Materia that
    you can't normally get during the game.  In the Japanese game,
    they were still usable, but their abilities, descriptions, and
    other stats. have been removed/altered in this release.

    Note that the Underwater materia has been made into a
    real, usable Materia!  It's not used to revive Aerith, but to
    explore more of the underwater areas (and fight the underwater
    Weapon monster).

**  Starts off with a variable number of stars (usually missing the
    first eight or stars 3, 6, and 7).

 - Codes ending in 00 - 0D, 10 and 12 are Independant Materia.
 - Codes ending in 0E, 0F and 17 - 23 are Combination Materia.
 - Codes ending in 13 - 15, 24, 25, 27 - 2C and 30 are Command Materia.
 - Codes ending in 31 - 3E, 40, 41, and 44 - 49 are Magic Materia.
 - Codes ending in 4A - 5A are Summon Materia.
 - Codes ending in 2D - 2F, 89 are game glitches and not real Materia.
 - However, equipping the '089' materia will raise most of your stats.
   to 255 and your MAX MP to 999, although your HP will be dramatically
 - All other codes (5B - FF, excluding 89) are game glitches and not
   real Materia.

Here are materia charts for each of the 'disabled' materia.  Please note
that the abilities/AP levels of these materia tend to fluctuate, even if
you put these in using the Game Shark, saved your game, and then played
again without the GS codes on.  Refer to the 'Main Menu' section of the
first part of the FAQ for information on Materia descriptions, etc.

These stats are taken from the Japanese version, only because they are
more descriptive.  In the American version, none of the Materia have
names (except for SuichuuKokyuu, which is 'Underwater'), and they have
altered/disabled stats. and abilties.  For some reason, the only two
Materia with abilities that work are Mabarrier and Law (in the Japanese
version, all the materia had an effect except for 'Underwater'
and 'Booster').

MABARIA  (Mabarrier) - Magic Materia            20000 AP          3 stars

LV1: Mabarrier  ¥Þ¥Ð¥ê¥¢       24      Lessens Magic Plus damage
LV2: Mabarrier  ¥Þ¥Ð¥ê¥¢       24      Lessens Magic Plus damage
LV3: Mabarrier  ¥Þ¥Ð¥ê¥¢       24      Lessens Magic Plus damage

This materia has its own description, Mabaria no....  Although it is just
like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes
put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in
Mabaria instead of [Mabaria], sort of).

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                     STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (3F).

RIFUREKU  (Reflect) - Magic Materia             20000 AP          4 stars

LV1: Reflect  ¥ê¥Õ¥ì¥¯         30      Reflects most magic
LV2: Wall     ¥¦¥ª¡¼¥ë         58      Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

This materia has its own description, Rifureku no....  Although it is
just like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like
quotes put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as
in Rifureku instead of [Rifureku], sort of).

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                     STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (42).

RIFUABU  (Reflect Wave?) - Magic Materia        60000 AP          3 stars

L1: --                         --      --
L2: Wall  ¥¦¥ª¡¼¥ë             58      Barrier and Mabarrier cast at once

This materia has its own description, Uooru no....  Although it is just
like other Magic Materia descriptions, note that the bracket-like quotes
put around most magic spells are not used in this description (as in
Uooru instead of [Uooru], sort of).

Status Changes:      POWER    -02      MAGIC         +02      MAXHP -05%
                     STRENGTH -01      MAGIC DEFENSE +01      MAXMP +05%

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (43).

SUICHUU KOKYUU  (Underwater Breath) - Independant Materia          1 star

Has no description.

It says it's ability is 'SuichuuKokyuu*'

This materia seems to have no effect when equipped, nor does it affect
anything or anyone at any point in the game, as far as I can tell.
Unlike all other materia, it has only one star.  I would assume that
this Materia starts off mastered, but because of the Materia Select code,
I have way over a million AP and I can't seem to make that number go
down.  It could be that you have to master it (just like other materia)
but then it would be the only materia in the game that starts off with
no mastered star levels.

* The info. box will give the stats. of the last Materia the cursor was
  on should you move it around (unless it was last on an Independant
  Materia, in which case it will display 'SuichuuKokyuu' for the ability

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (11).

NOTE:  If you want to learn more about this materia, please refer to the
'Rumors and Speculation' and 'Documents' sections for more detailed
conjecture.  For those of you who keep asking, I've been to the Ancient
City and _nothing_ happens.  Believe me, I've experimented with this
materia in just about every possible way and it doesn't seem to have
any effect in the game.

HOUSOKU  (Law*) - Command Materia               20000 AP          2 stars

Has no description.

LV1:  ZENINAGE  (Coin Toss)  ¤¼¤Ë¤Ê¤²
      Just like the 'Zeninage' skill of the 'Nageru' materia.  Although
      it doesn't say it, you also have the Nageru skill (Throw) in
      battle, too.

Find:                Use the 'Materia Select' Game Shark code (26).

*  Mr. Kelley points out that this is most likely a joke by the
   programmers.  'Law' is what lawyers deal with, and the listed skill
   given for this materia is Coin Toss.  As in 'you have to throw away
   your money when dealing with lawyers'.

BUUSUTAA  (Booster) - Combination Materia       90000 AP          5 stars

Has no description.

It says it's ability is 'Buusutaa'.

So far, it doesn't seem to affect any Materia I equip it to.  From the
name, though, I'd imagine that it's supposed to increase the range/
effectiveness/power of the Materia that you combine it with or perhaps
increase the amount of AP you earn for that Materia.