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Support Materia

AllAll effects on paired Materia35,000Beginner's Shop in Sector 7
ElementalAdds Materia element to equipped weapon or armor80,000Shinra Corporate HQ Floor 62
Added AffectAdds Materia status to equipped weapon or armor100,000Cave of the Gi
MP AbsorbDrains opponent's MP if attached materia damages100,000Wutai Item Shop, Treasure Chest
HP AbsorbDrains opponent's HP if attached materia damages100,000Wutai Cat House
Added CutAttack when using attached materia200,000Great Glacier
MP TurboUses extra MP and increases power of paired Magic120,000Whirlwind Maze
Steal As WellSteal simultaneously while using attached orb200,000Wutai Mts.
Magic CounterCounter with attached Green/RedNoneChocobo Racing Gift
Final AttackCasts attached when character dies100,000Chocobo Racing Gift
Quadra MagicAttached materia will cast randomly 4 times200,000Cave South of Wutai
Sneak AttackCast attached materia at beginning of battle150,000After Boss Battle in Battle Square
CounterCounter with attached yellowNoneFinal Dungeon