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Summon Materia

Choco MogA mog riding a chocobo appears and sometimes stops the enemy. Another possible outcome is that a giant chocobo will fall on the enemy.143,500At chocobo ranch, from chocobo
ShivaShiva will come down and cause a glacier to appear underneath the enemy3250,000From the little girl in Junon
IfritIfrit will come roaring out of the earth and go careening through the enemy in a ball of flame3460,000After killing the first Jenova in the Shinra Boat
RamuhThe god of thunder will appear upon a pillar of earth and cause lighting to rain down upon the enemies4070,000Inside the chocobo jockey room in the Gold Saucer
TitanTitan will use his strength and make the floor land on the enemies4680,000Inside the destroyed reactor at Gongaga
OdinTwo possible outcomes: Gunge Lance, where he throws his lance skywards and then it comes down on the enemies, or Steel Bladed Sword, where he will instantly kill non-boss enemies8090,000Inside the safe in the Mansion in Nibelheim
KjataA quadra elemental attack is applied to all enemies110140,000Sleeping Forest (floating materia)
BahamutThe lord of the dragons comes down and attacks all enemies100120,000After killing red dragon in Cetra Shrine
AlexanderA huge machine representing Justice comes out from the ground and attacks all enemies with a holy attack120150,000Inside the crater (1st visit)
Neo BahamutA larger form of bahamut attacks all enemies with a stronger attack140200,000Whirlwind Maze
LeviathanA huge serpentine monster appears and attacks all enemies with a wave atack78100,000After killing Godo in Wutai
PhoenixThe legendary bird of fire appears and attacks all enemies with a fire attack as well as casting life 2 on the party180180,000Fort Condor
HadesA creature looking very much like death appears with a cauldron, which inflicts damage as well as causing several status effects150250,000From Shinra Plane (Near Gold Saucer, underwater)
Bahamut ZEROThe final and most powerful bahamut form attacks from the black space above180250,000From Huge Blue Materia (Requires Bahamut and Neo Bahamut)
TyphoonChupon (FF3) appears and causes the enemies to fall into the sky160250,000Ancient Forest (Only accesible after weapon is killed or with Gold Chocobo)
Knights of the RoundThe ultimate summon spell, the 13 knights of the round table appear and cause a huge amount of damage250500,000NE Uncharted Island (Requires Gold Chocobo)