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Command Materia

StealSteal50,000Steals opponent's itemMidgar Sewers
Mug500Attack + Steal
SenseSense40,000View Lvl/Hp/Mp/WeaknessSector 6 Playground
Enemy SkillE.Skill0Learn opponent's attacksShinra Corporate HQ Level 68
ThrowThrow60,000Throws items at opponentsYuffie enters party equipped
Coin600Throws money at opponent
ManipulateManip.40,000Gain contral of enemy targetCait Sith enters party equipped
DeathblowD.blow40,000Critical Attack or MissRoad near Gongaga Reactor
MorphMorph100,000Changes enemy into itemsTemple of the Ancients
Double Cut2x-Cut150,000Attacks the opponent 2 times in a strikeSunken Shinra Air Ship
4x-Cut150,000Randomly attacks opponents 4 times
W-SummonW-Sum.250,000Cast two Summon spells in one round64,000 BP at Battle Square in Gold Saucer
Slash AllSlash-All150,000Attacks a whole group of enemiesAncient Forest (after defeating Shadow Beast)
Flash150,000Instant death for all opponents
MimeNone100,000Mimics last commandCave South of Wutai (requires Green Chocobo)
W-MagicNone250,000Cast two magic spells in one roundFinal Dungeon, Above Cmd. Counter
W-ItemNone250,000Use two items in one roundUnderneath Midgar
Master CommandNone0Steal/Throw/Mimic/Manipulate/Morph/ Deathblow/SenseCosmo Canyon and Emerald WEAPON